British Car Repair – What to Look for in a San Diego British Car Repair Shop

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British car repair

shops are an important part of your life if you own a British car. Nevertheless, dealing with any automotive repair can be confusing, trying and even ridiculously expensive. This is more so if you are getting the service for the first time. There are many repair shops out there but most of them don’t have your best interest at heart. Their focus is making more money. If you are searching for a repair shop for your British car, the following points will help find the best shop.

Area of Specialty

You drive a British car, right? To get the best repair services, you should confine your search to the shops that deal exclusively with British car repairs. Different automotive repair shops are known for certain services. Specialties include:

  • Specific make of car or foreign cars
  • Collision & paint repair
  • Computer & electrical system repair
  • Transmission and drivetrain repair
  • Radiator and cooling system repair

While most of these shops can cost more than the standard shops, it is often best to go with a specialist. Specialists are quick to identify and correct problems.

Excellent customer service

Every British car repair shop offers some type of customer services. Only the best shops emphasize excellent customer service as a top company policy. Start by listening to word-of-mouth from friends, family and acquaintances. You should also visit the shop in person to gauge the atmosphere. Do you feel right at home or ignored? Excellent customer service involves keen listening and satisfying of a customer’s needs in the most efficient manner possible.

Competent and Passionate Mechanics

The backbone of any car repair shop is the mechanics. Their training and experience impacts the quality of services you get. When looking at the mechanics in a British car repair shop, check to make sure they possess strong technical skills and that they have passed industry testing with reputable associations like Automotive Service Excellence Standards (ASE). Are they certified to work on your type of car?

In addition to the technical know-how, look at the personality of the mechanics. How are their communication skills? A good mechanic should be able to discuss with you technical terms in layman’s terms. The mechanic should also be friendly enough to put you at ease.

Reputable Guarantees and Warranties

A British car repair shop that guarantees its work is the best to work with. It should offer warranties of not less than 12 months and at least 12,000 miles.

Carry Insurance for Fire and Theft

You need the peace of mind of knowing your car is safe and being properly taken care of. To put you at ease, ensure the shop you choose carries fire and theft insurance.

Member of an Association or Certified

Last but not least, make sure the repair shop is a member of an association or is certified. Common associations are AAA, Autocare, NAPA, TechNet Professional Services and Automotive Service Association. At the waiting room, check for technician certificates from reputable companies such as AAA, AC Delco and ASE.

British Car Repair

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